3 Questions for Katjes GreenFood (Greenvesting)

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Our Interviewpartner: Marius Rodert, CFO and CEO of the Katjesgeenfood GmbH & Co KG

What is the background for the investment?

Vegan and vegetarian, gluten- and lactose-free, regional and seasonal – nutrition in the 21st century is identity-forming! What we eat or do without expresses ecological convictions, personal lifestyle and moral values. Examples such as Beyond Meat or Oatly impressively show the potential of start-ups compared to established corporations.

What is special about this investment?

This project is the first business financing on GreenVesting.com.
We decided to finance this sustainable company via crowdinvesting to give our investors the chance to participate in the boom of meat-free food alternatives and to benefit from attractive interest rates.

How can investors benefit from this investment?

As a member of the crowd, you support us and our start-ups in our green mission and at the same time benefit from an interest rate of 5% p.a. and an additional possible bonus interest of 5%.

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