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Our Interviewpartner: Jörg Diehl, Relationship Manager of aescuvest GmbH

What is the background for the investment?

The Vivior monitor is a lightweight, user-friendly device for objective measurement of visual behavior.

Founded in 2017 out of Zurich, Vivior AG now uses AI activity recognition as well as visual behavioral assessment to objectively and accurately determine the best lenses for patients’ and customers’ specific needs.

What is special about this investment?

Vivior is the only solution that links eye health with objective data on vision behavior, enabling eye care professionals, optometrists and opticians to find the optimal vision solution for better vision, well-being and health. The business model consists of recurring user fees for the use of the device and data analysis. In this context, the solution is aimed at all end users who need a visual aid. Target groups are:

  • Eye specialists: ophthalmologists, optometrists, opticians
  • Employers
  • Digital health platforms

How can investors benefit from this investment?

Great potential for the future. Through cross-sector partnerships and the provision of solutions for “Digital Health in the Office”, Vivior creates a promising environment for versatile opportunities for success. Specific plans for the technology, telemedicine, insurance, ECPs (eye-care professionals) and large enterprise sectors in general promise high revenue growth.

Investor return: 3.0 % p. a. Base interest rate+ full participation in the increase in enterprise value.

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