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Our Interviewpartner: Vanessa Dietz, Project and Investor Relations Manager at bettervest GmbH

What was the motivation for the relaunch of the platform and the logo?

The relaunch is the result of our own refocusing. We wanted to get back to our roots. bettervest has been around for almost 9 years and was founded to make a positive impact on our society and our planet. We are one of the pioneers in impact investing. This is exactly what we wanted to make more understandable for ourselves and our clients. Both we and our clients have an inner drive to create positive impact. Therefore, it only made sense for us to emphasize this focus on impact more strongly in the brand.

How did you approach the new name and logo, was there a collaboration with an agency or did you develop it internally with your team?

We worked here with our agency WAYAHEAD, which specializes in companies like us, i.e. with a positive impact. Their proposal “your money, your impact” clicked with us immediately. It just perfectly sums up what is important to us: Namely, the possibility for investors to make a decision with a positive impact through crowdfunding. And much more – we all make very big decisions every day through our investments, we determine what happens through what we buy / finance. Everyone should be aware of this. And this is exactly what is conveyed without degenerating into a platitude, but in a positive, challenging way.

External communication is increasingly more about digitalisation and impact and less about “small investors” – is it noticeable that your customers want to finance more and more larger projects and are therefore also addressed to other investor groups?

Our investors invest in our projects because they want to make a positive difference with their money. That is their concern – and that applies to the student with a budget of 50 euros just as much as to the successful manager who wants to invest 20,000 euros. We want to address both equally and offer them the opportunity to do good quickly and easily. So we don’t differentiate between large and small investors. 

We see what connects them: and that is the impact, which is why you can still invest as little as 50 euros with bettervest. In fact, however, we notice a demand on the part of project owners for larger financing, e.g. for the expansion of their company. We see two advantages in this: on the one hand, even more impact can be achieved through larger projects, and on the other hand, our projects also become attractive for other investor groups, such as institutional investors. This group also places a high value on impact, which has also strengthened our rebranding. In addition, larger projects offer new, interesting cooperation opportunities in the form of cofunding with other platforms, which we have already implemented for some of our latest projects.

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