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Our Interviewpartner: Claudia Rothe, Senior Project Manager Fundraising of ecoligo GmbH

What was the motivation for the relaunch of the platform and the logo?

With our rebranding and the relaunch of the ecoligo invest platform, we wanted to ensure that ecoligo’s brand identity represented our mission at first glimpse and made it clear what we are working for every day – for more global climate protection through the realisation of solar projects in emerging countries. So far, our brand identity has been very focused on the technical aspect of our work and has not done justice to us and our crowdinvestors, for whom sustainability and climate protection play an important role.

So we have made every effort to change this and to focus on the human side of our work and the many positive changes that we have already been able to create in the world with the help of crowdinvestors. In this way, everyone who comes into contact with ecoligo for the first time can understand exactly how we can make a big contribution to global climate protection through sustainable investments.

In our blog post, we reported in detail on the background to our new identity and also published an interview with our two founders, Martin Baart and Markus Schwaninger.

How did you approach the new name and logo, was there a collaboration with an agency or did you develop it internally with your team?

For our whole rebranding, we worked with an agency from Canada that specialises in cooperating with responsible and socially committed companies and NGOs. So this was a perfect fit for us. Both for us and for the agency, it was important to let the human and ecological aspects of our work flow into our logo.

So on the one hand our new logo reflects the sun with its halo of rays and on the other hand it can be interpreted as an abstract side view of a face, signalling above all openness and transparency. The new logo shows everyone what is important to us in our work and not only creates a recognition value, it also represents our values.

External communication is increasingly more about digitalisation and impact and less about “small investors” – is it noticeable that your customers want to finance more and more larger projects and are therefore also addressed to other investor groups?

As mentioned above, our new design also reflects ecoligo’s values on the platform. This means that our external communication is now even more consciously focused on communicating our climate-positive impact. The crowdinvestors of ecoligo invest have already confirmed in surveys that their positive impact on the world is the main reason for their investment.

For many, it is also important to be able to invest directly in the project and to know exactly which end customer will benefit from the investment. The fact that more and more larger projects are being financed on the platform is mainly due to ecoligo’s establishment as a reliable provider of solar-as-a-service solutions in the respective markets.

In order to finance these large projects, ecoligo will also bring institutional investors on board as partners. Nevertheless, there will still be fully crowd-funded projects on the de.ecoligo.com platform. That is why small investors will continue to be our main target group in the future.

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