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BERGFÜRST is one of the leading German online platforms for digital real estate investments and focuses on the symbiosis between innovative technology and sustainable real assets. Investors benefit from exclusive access to a modern asset class with attractive interest rates while enjoying the security of a classic bank loan. Real estate companies appreciate the standardised access to mezzanine capital for project developments or the refinancing of existing properties. BERGFÜRST has already been offering exclusively classic bank loans with realisable collateral for all real estate projects since 2017. The Berlin-based FinTech pioneered this product, which is now also being used by other platforms, and has thus made a decisive contribution to the increasing success of this form of investment. With a minimum investment of only €10, BERGFÜRST is also the most consistent in implementing the crowdinvesting idea. In 2019, BERGFÜRST entered into a strategic partnership with Commerzbank subsidiary Commerz Real, underlining its future viability and innovative strength. BERGFÜRST has been around since 2011 and was founded by Dr Guido Sandler (founder of Berliner Effektenbank AG and E*Trade Bank AG) and Dennis Bemmann (founder of studiVZ).