GLS Crowd

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The GLS Crowd platform is operated by GLS Crowdfunding GmbH, a wholly owned subsidiary of CrowdDesk GmbH. Both GLS Crowdfunding GmbH and CrowdDesk GmbH are independent companies of GLS Bank. The cooperation between GLS Crowdfunding GmbH, CrowdDesk GmbH and GLS Gemeinschaftsbank eG works as follows. Since its foundation in 1974, GLS Bank has offered solutions for the financing needs of its customers. In addition to the classic financing instruments, such as bank loans, the bank also took paths that were unusual at the time. For example, customers were able to participate directly in the financing of projects through lending and donation communities with small loans. GLS Crowd’s crowdinvesting transfers this idea to today’s digital world. The online platform enables customers to use their money in the form of interest-bearing subordinated loans to finance sustainable projects or companies they have selected themselves.