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Our Interviewpartner: Prof. Dr. Ralf Beck, CFO and CEO of Geldwerk1

What is the background for the investment?

Martin Appélt is a haute couture fashion house that shows a collection for the two main seasons (Spring-Summer / Autumn-Winter) and distributes it all year round via stationary and digital retail as well as through the in-house online shop.

What is special about this investment?

Sustainability is understood holistically at Martin Appélt and it is an integral part of our responsibility as a fashion producer.

The products and collections are made of revolutionary and environmentally friendly materials, such as apple leather (AppleSkin), which is obtained from apple waste and cotton and represents a sustainable leather alternative. Furthermore, we offer the rhubarb leather (Deepmello), a real leather variant, which is sourced from German farms. This genuine leather variant is tanned without the use of heavy metals using the rhubarb plant.

Nevertheless, the media focus is on design, which preserves the prestige of a high fashion label.

How can investors benefit from this investment?

If Martin Appélt’s business runs as planned, investors will achieve returns that are highly gratifying, especially in this day and age. The plan is for the return for Martin Appélt crowdinvestors to rise from an initial 3 % (= fixed interest) for the last quarter of 2021 to 17.7 % (= fixed interest plus profit-sharing) in 2026 for a funding of 250,000 euros.

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