The DKB-Crowd platform is operated by DKB Crowdfunding GmbH, a 100% subsidiary of portagon GmbH. Both DKB Crowdfunding GmbH and portagon GmbH are independent companies from DKB AG. Through the DKB Crowd, investors can support projects and companies with an interest-bearing subordinated loan, following the principle: ‘What one alone cannot do, many can achieve together.’ Depending on their preference, investors can invest in projects starting from an amount of 250 euros, covering areas such as renewable energy, social infrastructure, and real estate. The legal framework for crowdfunding is provided by the Investment Act (VermAnlG). The ‘swarm financing privilege’ outlined there enables online platforms like the DKB Crowd to efficiently facilitate financial investments for projects with a maximum volume of up to 6 million euros. Unlike traditional investments and securities, such financial investments do not require extensive investment prospectuses by law. The DKB-Crowd is a platform that connects people to realize sustainable projects, offering investors opportunities for socially impactful investments while promising attractive returns. At the DKB Crowd, investors can contribute to visionary projects even with small amounts, making a significant difference together.


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