portagon is a leading and trusted distribution platform for alternative investments in private markets. Its unified, standardized end-to-end infrastructure solution combined with an unparalleled distribution network, positions portagon as the preferred partner for both asset owners and distributors. Through its digital B2B2C platform, the firm provides a secure and scalable operating model, enhancing operational efficiency with streamlined digital investor onboarding, fully aggregated order management, and product governance that adheres to the latest regulatory framework. Asset managers benefit significantly from portagon’s unique digital marketplace that unlocks access to an extensive network of distributors, including wealth managers, banks, wire houses and independent financial advisors. Distributors, leveraging a digitized, compliant subscription, and advisory workflow, experience substantial reductions in time and costs while mitigating liability risks. Additionally, they gain access to a wide range of alternative assets through a single point of entry. By making private markets investments as accessible and reliable as their public market counterparts portagon is transforming the private markets landscape and driving growth for all stakeholders involved.



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