Many people are aware of the relevance of real estate investments for asset growth and private pension plan, which is also the conclusion of the latest PROPVEST study. 

Real estate as an investment: High acceptance in Germany 

Nevertheless, there is a great need for information about the various possibilities of investing money in real estate.

“Although 60 % of citizens state that they have neither sufficient expertise nor equity capital, more than 80 % can imagine investing in real estate if it is simple and transparent”, explains Patrick Hartmann, Managing Director of EPH Investment GmbH, and adds: “More than 60 % of Germans name the high equity capital or the need for bank financing as the biggest hurdle when investing in real estate, followed by 40 % each who stated the long-term commitment and the lack of expertise.”

For asset accumulation: Real estate in the portfolio 

However, there are also many obstacles that prevent and hold back investors from investing in real estate at an early stage. 

Given the recent outlook for inflation rates in the Eurozone, it is not surprising that citizens would add real estate to their portfolio for wealth accumulation. More than 60 % consider real estate to be a stable investment, and 40 % are of the opinion that real estate is inflation-proof. 

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